Although there are many incredible examples of nature�s rockwork, rarely do circustances conspire to give us such a wonder for our private enjoyment. If we wish to include rockwork elements into the design of a pool, landscape, building or exhibit, there are limited ways to achieve this. One could and use natural rock, quarried and arranged to imitate a natural rock formation, but this approach almost always looks contrived. Perhaps one could find an aesthetically pleasing rock formation, however it is difficult (and possibly unlawful) to remove and transport it. Should one be fortunate enough to have some natural rock exposed on what you make is almost always dictated by what you have and never comes close to what you had in mind. With artificial rock Peter and Mark have been able to make the most of existing natural rock be adding to and extending it. In the photograph opposite a sink and a walkway have been added to this impressive formation, giving functionality to nature�s endowments.

With artificial rockwork constructed from specially formulated concrete, one can achieve the durability and permanence of real rock and if that rockwork is designed and sculpted by a master carver the result can be tailored to have the exact scale, dimension and effect to maximize the impact. Over the years we have developed the knowledge, tools, skills and vision to bring the essence of nature�s wonders to your space. In the same way that these natural wonders attract visitors, you can use this natural attraction to attract customers. When you incorporated one of our features into the design of a structure, people are attracted to it in the same way. This has been particularly effective in selling high end spec homes. Although the cost of a water feature is only a small portion of the total building cost, its uniqueness is so compelling that it becomes the mental focus of the property for the prospective buyer. This technique is equally effective whether you are selling new construction or reselling an existing home.